on strange coincidences

During my senior year of high school I had not yet developed a taste for coffee, but because of some early morning responsibilities, and the Illinois winter, a hot morning beverage was a good thing. So I found a hot pot for water and got into the habit of brewing tea in the morning. Constant Comment still holds a special place in my memory.

Getting up early required an alarm, but I’ve never been into buzzers or bells. In the early 80’s there weren’t any other options besides the radio, so I set my clock radio to wake me up. And in the early 80’s in rural Illinois there weren’t a lot of options, and the few I had were lousy, expect there was an NPR station, so I woke up most mornings to Bob Edwards reading the news. It was a good morning pattern.

Both of those morning elements were put to the test when I went to college. The city water didn’t react well to brewing tea (What causes that scum line?), and my roommate, Darin, well, let’s just say it took at lot more than the voice of a news anchor to wake him up in the morning. I started waking up at zero-dark-thirty out of self preservation.

But “fond” college memories aren’t the point here. Last summer Michelle bought a hot pot so she could brew tea at school. It wasn’t too long before Heather started enjoying a nice cup of tea (We filter our water.), and now there are several varieties in the pantry. (No Constant Comment, though; I need to work on that.) What struck me as strange, though, was walking by her room this morning and hearing Steve Inskeep reading the news.

Apparently good taste is hereditary.

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