on difficult conversations

Do you have to be a Cambridge don to have this sort of conversation? Do we expect too little as instructors at “less than Ivy League undergrads” or at “an evangelical seminary”? Wait, I went to a state university. I attended an evangelical seminary. Two of them. *brief bout with panic* But I’ve also read Dostoevsky, and Strunk & White, and the SBL Handbook of Style. And I’m very sure my doctorvater would not have hesitated to have this sort of conversation with me. *sigh of relief*

Where was I? Oh, yeah, writing expectations. I do enjoy reading work that shows clarity and style. That’s a lot to expect from the typical first year college student, though. Writing well will make a difference for each student, regardless of the content of their courses or their particular curriculum. I think somehow I’m going to need to work out how to have this conversation with students when it’s needed.

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