on teachers as parents

As my kids move through high school and get closer to beginning university study, I’ve begun to wonder what it will be like for them to navigate college with the background they have. Their mother teaches elementary students and their father teaches university students. Hopefully that’s a good thing. At the least I suppose they won’t feel intimidated by the setting.

On a more important level, though, I wonder how they’ll navigate life as the kids of ministry parents. It’s not only the collective 35 years Michelle and I put into ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ. My teaching post now is at a Christian university, and Michelle puts lots of hours into women’s groups and studies at our church. They’ve probably heard more than their share of our discussions of these things. At least they’ll have an honest perspective on ministry life, both its high pleasures and its deep disappointments.

As a Bible professor I have to admit that I really fear not having prepared my kids well to read and understand God’s word. On that, though, my older daughter surprised me last night. I was describing some situations in which interpreters account well for their own cultural horizon but neglect to account for that of the biblical writers. Happily I didn’t need to get into that second part. She picked up on the point and expressed surprise that some people miss that. Her description of the process of taking the writers’ horizon into account was quite good. I had a bit of a Luke 2.47 moment, to be honest. It was good.

We’ll have a lot more to talk about in the next several months. Fortunately now I’ll know there’s a pretty good foundation laid for a lifetime of understanding these things well.

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