Newness of life

Spring is my favorite season of the year because it is such a good illustration of how God built renewal into his creation. In this climate at least, the growing season lasts for 7 or 8 months, and then everything shuts down for awhile. Spring comes along, and growth is again the prominent feature in the world.

It seems that human beings are built with the same cycle: 16-17 hours of work and activity, shutting down for 7-8 hours, then a burst of activity (for morning people, at least) starts another round; six days of work, a day of rest (if we’re using that gift from God to us). Being refreshed to start again feels good.

I wonder if we could spot the same sort of thing in our spiritual experience if we were attentive to it. That would change my perspective on the periods of time when I feel shut down spiritually, as if nothing is happening. Maybe a period of spiritual growth and activity needs to be followed by a spiritual winter, a spiritual night, to set the stage for renewal and growth in the next season.

Today was a nice day for working in the yard, and we cleared a lot of leaves and dried-up foliage from last year’s plants, in the process uncovering the new shoots of plants that have started to sprout. I have a good sense that underneath some of the dried-up remains of some spiritual activities I’m clearing out, there is some important new growth to come.

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